Fun and Magical Merchandise

Rob Rue’s Deluxe Magic Kit

An INCREDIBLE collection of Amazing Magic that any young person or ADULT will absolutely enjoy! Includes a BONUS BOOKLET of 50 easy-to-do Tricks! PERFECT for Christmas, Birthdays, or just because!

$29.95 Shipped Free!

Magician's Official Magic Wand

A great Magic Wand AND instructions for 7 Tricks you can do with the Wand!

$3.95 Shipped Free!

Rob Rue's Bag of Magic

A FANTASTIC Mini Collection of Magical Goodies! Includes the props for The Zig-Zag Pencil, an Amazing Card Trick, and The Growing Houdini $10 Bill! Plus instructions for 10 more Amazing Tricks! A GREAT Birthday Party Favor!

$6.95 Shipped Free!

Mini Magic Coloring Book

Flip through the pages showing pictures that are not colored. Snap your fingers and flip through the pages again showing every picture colored! Snap your fingers, flip through the pages again, ALL the pictures, All the colors have Vanished! Easy to do and REALLY FUN!

$7.95 Shipped Free!